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KOD last night 👯

KOD has the best strippers in the nation fuck what you heard


clearly im not living my life the way the good lord intended

we could only dream to be a fraction of as glorious as this scene was, nevermind her…

What type of matrix stripper from the future type shit was this.. wooow still amazed

.. but doesn’t that burn her thighs or something like jesus

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I want



Hot wax on my chest
Deep scratches on my back
Lip biting
Look at me and say you more
Talk shit to ya boy
To be each other’s sex slaves

You to run from the dick when it’s inside
Choke me I like pain
Your taste to never leave me mouth

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jacking off before going to sleep is truly hit or miss because you either fall right to sleep or you sit in your bed for 20-30 minutes like


"why do i continue to put myself through this?"

Usually the latter for me…

This why I’ve given up, pretty much.

Hope is what keeps me up, and what will continue to keep me up..untill i get sore at least…….. 

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The love i have for my mentor is unreal. I’m so blessed to have her in my life guiding me. She has truly changed my life by introducing me to Zumba, her class was the first Zumba class i took, and she made me fall in love. I owe her so much, i wish i could give back to her as much as she has given to me… But a girl got bills, so when i say thank you i hope she feels it in her soul because ill forever give her credit for my success. She planted the seed, i just watered it and allowed it to grow.

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